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The Green Persimmon Online Community
Discussing a Cooperative Life in Norman, OK
13th-Aug-2005 10:13 pm
I guess gizer and I have stopped posting here all the time because we feel like we're just spinning our wheels, and not getting any other input from other people.  Partly that has to do with a scanty Internet access for amargyle, superfly39, ibn_rafferty, and aurora_thelbine, and I think partly it's because others don't feel like they know as much as us about the whole situation.  That doesn't mean that we don't need input.  We don't want to do all the work here, and if we did, we wouldn't end up with something that reflected the desires of the group as a whole.

So I think that, before we proceed any more, we each need to write an honest, biased summary of what we would be looking for in this project, and how important various aspects are to them.  I sort of tried to get that out of people at our face-to-face meeting, but we ended up with a lot of "everything everyone else said."  I don't think we all have exactly the same goals, and I definitely think that we wouldn't all rank them the same.

So, you can write a simple list, or a meandering essay; I don't care.  But please, everyone who is interested in being a part of this co-op / these co-ops, say why, say what you're looking for, say what you want to be rid of and what you can't live without, and give at least a rough indication of how important each item is.  Don't limit yourself to what you think others will agree to, because you might be surprised.  And don't look at the comments until you've answered.  It's good to be agreeable and look for compromise, but it's also necessary for everyone to understand what everyone else is looking for, so we can compromise effectively.
24th-Aug-2005 08:15 pm (UTC)
the idea of comunal living has always apealled to me. i like the tribe dinamic. i'm not sure if the life style is for me but i would jump at the opertunaty to try it out. i would love to work in the gardens. my cats would need to come with me. also i would like to look into having some kind of animal reabilitation program started at some piont. i need to look into how one gets sertified for stuff of that nature. i need to think alittle more about expectations, i'll get back with you.
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