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The Green Persimmon Online Community
Discussing a Cooperative Life in Norman, OK
Keys, Utilities, and Solstice 
10th-Dec-2005 12:05 pm
gizer and I went by the house yesterday with a load of stuff.  Richard (the maintenance guy) had put a new knob in the back door, so it will stay closed when locked, which we had asked for.  Unfortunately, this means that our key no longer worked, and so we couldn't get in.  Good thing we hadn't made many copies of that one yet, eh?  We called Thekla, and hopefully we'll get some new keys soon.

We should figure out what to do about utilities.  I guess if we want to switch over zacholl's accounts, we'll need to wait until he's moving out of his current house, which seems to me to be too long.  If we go ahead and get the shit hooked up, we presumably wouldn't actually have anything to pay until the first month's bills come in.  Should we do it?

We were having some talking about what would constitute a good Solstice celebration the other day at the Greenbriar Collective.  The idea was that we want more than just an excuse for a party like all the other parties; we want a real holiday that can be meaningful to us in the way that Christmas, as a Christian-turned-consumerist holiday, can't.  Solstice is the day that the days stop getting shorter and start getting longer, so it is a holiday about the return of light.  However, as the longest night of the year, it is also a holiday about the dark.  So, here's the idea that we brainstormed:

The solstice (this year) is at 10:35 am CDT on December 21st.  That means that the shortest day is the 21st, and the longest night is the 20th-21st. As the celebration of the longest night, we can extend the night, and make it even longer, by having a dark party.  In the future, it might be cool to have a full-length dark party, but in this instance, due to logistics, it would be better to keep it short.  Say approximately 36 hours, starting the evening of the 19th, and ending at daybreak on the 21st.  Then, to celebrate the returning of the light, a more conventional dinner party (only, since it's for a holiday, we should call it a feast) on the evening of the 21st.

The Dark Party would be taking place downstairs only, so those who didn't want to participate would be free not to, and everyone who is in town at that time except zacholl (and gizer and I) would still have free access to their room.

This stuff is mostly directed to the folks who are actual members of the household, but others are welcome to throw in some opinions, especially on whether they would like to participate if said events do come to pass, and on ideas to make the feast lean more towards a meaningful holiday celebration rather than an excuse for a party.
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