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The Green Persimmon Online Community
Discussing a Cooperative Life in Norman, OK
We got two keys to the new locks last night, and moved some stuff in.… 
11th-Dec-2005 01:35 pm
We got two keys to the new locks last night, and moved some stuff in. Apparently, the landlady has four more keys, which she wants to engrave with "Eufaula" so that in the future, she won't have so much trouble figuring out which keys are for which house.  That means we still need to make two more copies, and whoever wants to pay for those copies can get keys right now (key copies are like $1.25)!

Also, Richard (the maintenance guy) chopped down the Catalpa tree that was growing up through the cement by the back door.  I'm sort of bummed, because it was a neat tree, and it would have shaded the roof (and kept the house cooler) in the summer.  However, he also left us the wood, which is nice, since we have a fireplace.

We looked up the Yule Log tradition last week, just because we didn't know what it was really all about, while trying to get ideas for a solstice celebration.  It turns out the tradition was to chop down the biggest tree you could find, and burn the trunk as one big log.  People would actually have big old logs in their living room, with just the end burning in the fireplace.  That's a little crazy, and since we didn't want to go around chopping the biggest trees around all willy-nilly, we sort of discarded that as an idea.

However, we now have, already cut down, the biggest tree in our yard (or at least close to).  The trunk is sliced into manageable lengths, but it's still way too thick to burn normally.  So, I say it makes a fine Yule Log.  We can even keep those big thick pieces around for future years.
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